Website Designer in Scarborough | Website Design in Scarborough

Website Designer in Scarborough | Website Design in Scarborough

If you are looking for a website designer in Scarborough or a new website design in Scarborough then you have come to the right website!

Whilst I am based in Stratford-upon-Avon, I have created websites for businesses all around the world because it is so easy to liaise by email, phone, Skype, Google Hangouts etc

Until relatively recently, I have concentrated on creating websites for myself – particularly membership websites for my digital products.  However, I am seeing increasing demand from other businesses for my website design skills and I am happy to build websites for selected customers.

Recently I have created websites for a businesses that wanted to sell classified advertising and I’ve also created an ecommerce store for a florist and greengrocers business.  The process for creating that website is outlined in this article on my other blog.

I have also created authority websites that have ranked highly in the search engines for traffic.  In fact the first website that I ever created for another business – a firm of architects in Nuneaton – has ranked solidly at #1 in Google for their main keywords and I have not touched that site for around 6 years!

So if you are looking for a web designer in Scarborough who knows all about SEO then you would be in good hands if you chose Salmon Web Design.

Whilst the website design for Salmon Web Design is a little ‘showy’, I wanted to demonstrate some of the website design skills that I possess so that my potential clients can begin to see what is possible if we decide to work together and be inspired by the possibilities.  (Of course, it is impossible to demonstrate all the tricks of the trade.)

In some cases, the best websites on the internet are minimalist in design.  The most important factor in a websites ranking is always the value offered by the content.  The better researched, written and presented it is, the more likely is it that your website will be ranked highly and will maintain those rankings in the search engines long-term.

In terms of generating leads and making sales, it is important to make a clear and unambiguous offer that appeals to your target audience.

A good offer without traffic is useless and a lot of traffic without a good offer is equally bad in that, at the end of the day, no matter how good the website design, if it is not generating leads and sales for your business then it is not performing its primary function.

Make Sure Your Website Designer in Scarborough | Website Design in Scarborough – Does Not Fail You In The Critical Area

Many of the great-looking business websites I see fail in one important area – lack of traffic.

Putting up a website is not an end in itself.  Once created, the website needs to be ‘marketed’ so its creation is just a beginning.

Traffic can be generated in 4 principal ways (although there are literally hundreds of different methods and tactics in each category):

  • creating content that is optimised for the search engines
  • paying for traffic through pay-per-click or pay per impression advertising
  • affiliate traffic i.e. you pay a commission to other people to generate traffic and sales from your website
  • offline methods such as traditional newspaper, flyers, referrals etc that advertise your website

There is no shortage of available traffic on the internet – you just need to create a strategy for finding it and tapping into it and monitoring the conversions from that traffic once it arrives on your website.

It costs time and/or money to generate traffic so the holy grail of internet marketing is to break-even or better on your front-end sales so that you have a customer who you can continue to market to and generate more sales into the future.

Website Designer in Scarborough | Website Design in Scarborough – Getting  Visitor Engagement and Conversions

In order to engage visitors to your website, your web designer not only needs great design skills but also many other skills besides:

  • copywriting because great copy will determine how well your traffic converts into leads and sales
  • an understanding of search engine optimisation if SEO is one of your traffic generation methods (which for most local businesses it should be because local keywords are relatively easy to rank for.)
  • an understanding of website conversions – how to set up a monitoring and testing system and also a sales funnel for the client
  • technical expertise in the area of graphics creation, audio content, video creation, product creation and much more.  These are vital for client engagement.
  • how to secure content in a membership area if the client wants to sell training or digital products
  • how to set up an ecommerce store
  • how to secure the site from hackers and back up the site automatically in the event of disaster.
  • how to drive traffic from paid advertising including retargeting
  • email marketing and follow up processes

In fact, in my opinion, the website designer or webmaster should be an ongoing member of the business team, who is expected to earn a return on investment from his or her marketing activities.

For larger businesses, there may be an internal member of staff creating content and running the website but nevertheless the webmaster should be advising the business owner about internet marketing strategy and monitoring and testing for higher conversions on an ongoing basis if the business wishes to make a real impact online.

If You Seeking A Free Consultation From A Website Designer in Scarborough or a Website Design in Scarborough

Then please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.  Also please check out my ‘Home’ page and my ‘About Us’ page and take a good look around this website – hopefully it will inspire you to get your own website design project off the ground and Contact Us.

I can create websites for all english-speaking businesses, wherever they are located in the world, so you do not have to be limited to a local website designer in Scarborough or to a website design in Scarborough.