Whilst Mark can create and edit HTML pages, he prefers to work with WordPress which offers massive design and functional flexibility at reasonable prices.  Mark has been working full-time with WordPress for over 7 years and has even created training courses about using WordPress so you will be in good hands.

The other benefit of using WordPress, is that customers can easily create their own website content if they wish to.

All Mark’s websites are ‘responsive’ which means that they are mobile-friendly.

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Mark is an SEO specialist.  He ranked his first blog in the top 250,000 sites in the world for traffic using only organic traffic generated by SEO.

His very first client site for an architect has ranked #1 for its main keywords for 5 years straight with no further content being added to the site.

Mark can rank a video on YouTube within minutes for multiple keywords.

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Mark is an expert with Photoshop and creates his own logos, headers, banners, ecovers, leaflets, posters, marketing images, background images, video splash images and much more.  Examples of Mark’s images can be seen on this site.

He is also a keen photographer and enjoys creating works of art from his photos.

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Mark can create video in a number of formats – presentation style, talking head, screen-share style, green-screen and animated videos.

He can embed logos, signup forms, links etc within videos and animate the entrance of the video onto the page, if required.

He is also an expert at ranking video on YouTube and is also an expert user of Google Hangouts having created a product entitled ‘Hangout Cash Code’ with a friend.

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Mark can create online secure training/membership areas for training staff or delivering free or paid training to customers.  Training can be delivered via text, audio or video.  You can choose to drip-feed the content or deliver it instantly.

Alternatively, you can create course content with a questionnaire after each module that prevents further progression on the course until a required percentage ‘pass-mark’ is achieved.

Create the training materials once and auto-deliver it thousands of times to save massive time and resources!

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Creating a sophisticated, but easy-to-use, online shop is another service that some customers require.   We can optionally add an online shop to your website and sort your products and services into easy to find categories and sub-categories.

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List building and email marketing is a great way to increase the number of times that customers come back to you.  You can keep them informed of new products, special promotions, educate them about your products and services and much more.

List building and email marketing is the way to increase your ROI from your online activities.

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Mark is available for internet marketing consultations.  He is well-versed in numerous online and offline marketing strategies and simply knows how to get things done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Having been a business consultant since 2001 and prior to that in corporate banking, he is a professional and experienced business consultant.

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Organic traffic can be a bit hit and miss.  The serious players in internet marketing pay for targeted traffic.

PPC traffic sources are becoming increasingly sophisticated in enabling advertisers to precisely target their offers at prospects and customers.

Add in retargeting, which enables advertisers to follow up with anyone that visits their website, and it becomes easy to deliver multiple marketing messages to a targeted audience.

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Mark is an expert at creating search engine optimised content, including text, audio and video content.

He can also create copy for high-converting squeeze pages and sales pages.

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The best way to maximise earnings per click (EPC) is to create a sales funnel.

Once a funnel has been created, conversions need to be tracked and monitored and split-testing carried out to improve conversions. Mark is well-versed in these techniques – he uses proprietary software for this purpose.

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Mark is a prolific creator of digital products in text, audio and video format.

If you require a digital product for lead generation purposes or for training purposes, this is something we can assist you with.

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