Project Description

Project Brief

This website was set-up as a showcase for my portfolio of images created from photographs.  I put these photographs through Photoshop and use my creativity to turn them into works of art.

This is an important skill for a web designer because websites are a very visual medium.

They say that ‘a picture can paint a thousand words‘ and hopefully my expertise with Photoshop will encourage more customers to use my web design services because they can see that I put extra effort into creating stunning bespoke graphics that make my web designs unique.

Photo Artist Examples

Skills Needed

I configured a complex WordPress theme for this project which would give me massive flexibility in the site build.

With this theme I can basically refresh my brand over and over again.

Setting up the portfolio sliders enabled me to showcase my images in full-page slider format for full effect.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 95%
Branding 96%
Photoshop 98%