Project Description

Project Brief

Homestay Pals has been created for the specific purpose of advertising Homestay opportunities.

This means that home-owners are able to advertise a spare bed-room for rent as a home-business opportunity.

To get critical mass on the advertising, the site owner will initially offer free advertising.

My job was to design and create the website with a registration process that enabled Homestay Hosts and Guests (people looking for Homestays) to place classified ads in a standardised format.  This includes agreeing to the site terms and conditions as part of the process, uploading images and being able to edit the ad after placement.

The site also incorporates the ability to charge for ads when the site-owner is ready and to create advertising packages, featured ads, to receive donations and membership opportunities.

The site-owner is a Christian and hence the religious overtones!

Skills Needed

To save substantial time and costs in creating and coding the classified ads registration process from scratch, I sourced the Classipress Theme and then customised this for my customer.

This saved substantial time and money for my customer and the development of the site took days rather than weeks or months.

The customer said this to me in an email when I revealed the site:

“Fantastic. The homestaypals site is great and thanks a lot.”

Project Planning 95%
Technical Configuration 97%
Process Planning 92%