Project Description

Project Brief

Astles of Nottingham is a new business that is reviving an old family brand.  The family had previously owned 6 greengrocer shops in the Nottingham area.

As such we used the old font to create the logo and the colour scheme is matched to the shop signage and colour scheme used in the shop fittings so that the brand is consistent.

Some of the family pictures appear on the site and I to had repair and improve these old pictures which were creased and torn before using them on the site.

The business wishes to establish an online shop that provides both greengrocery supplies and flowers.  I therefore created an online shop for them.

The project was made difficult by the fact that the owners are still formulating their ideas about their brand and exactly what products and services they wish to offer.  Also the site was delivered to a tight deadline, in time for the shop opening and launch marketing.

In addition to the website, I designed two flyers and a business card for the business.

Business Card

A5 Flyer V2

Conceptual Design Samples

Skills Needed

I configured a complex WordPress theme for this project which would give me massive flexibility in the site build because the customer did not really know what they wanted.  With this theme we can basically refresh the brand over and over again.

Setting up the online shop from scratch was time-consuming but the result is very satisfactory, splitting the business into greengrocers and floristry products.

My Photoshop skills were fully tested in this assignment as the customers were indecisive about their brand.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 95%
Branding 96%
Photoshop 98%
Ecommerce 92%

Strong Brands

Astles of Nottingham have a simple but strong brand.  The stylised ‘A’ is particularly attractive.

We stuck to a simple colour palette of green, white and grey.

Their tagline ‘Back To Our Roots!’ reflects the history of their business and the fact that vegetables are also ‘roots’.

Excellent Results

The customers are pleased with their website which differentiates them from their competition right from the outset.

The emphasis of the brand is on simplicity.

The site is optimised for the search engines and integrated fully with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.